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TL24 Series Plug

TL24 series Plug

TL24 Series Socket

TL24 Socket

1. TL24 Series Connector brief introduction:

TL24 series is a custom-made military-grade connector, and our C-Series and F-Series are military-grade connectors that are often used.

TL24 series push-pull circular electrical connector, the connection method is push-type block locking. The connector has the characteristics of quick insertion and removal, convenient use,small volume, high density, good environmental resistance, beautiful appearance and good shielding property.

2. technical specification:

Working temperature-55 ° C ~ +125 ° C
Relative humidity90%~95% (40±2°C)
Working pressure4.39KPa~101.33KPa
Salt spray96 hours in 5% NaCI mist
Sealingsocket: pressure difference 1.01×105Pa, no bubble leakage for 1min;
Head socket: 1m water depth, 2h no water seepage
Vibration10Hz~2000Hz, acceleration 147m/s ² ,instantaneous break ≤1μs
Impact490m / s² instantaneous break ≤ 1μs
Mechanical life2000 times
Insulation resistance≥5000MΩ (normal)
Working current3A (22#)
Contact resistance12.5MΩ
Working voltage400V (AC)
Withstand voltage1000V (AC)
Electrical continuity between the shells5MΩ

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